Industrial Soft - simulation, computer aided design and material engineering company


Industrial Soft, 341-5 Graham, Montreal, Quebec, H3P 2C7, Phone: (514) 342-5833,, Canada


Industrial Soft - simulation, computer aided design
and material engineering company
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Located in Montreal, Canada, Industrial Soft is a cost effective material engineering and software development company specialized in metal industry applications.

We provide the following products and services:


1. Castings solidification simulation service. Porosity prediction

Numerical simulation of the solidification process enables you to evaluate the casting design technology before committing to expensive pattern or die manufacture. We use Niyama criteria to predict porosity in aluminum and steel castings.



2. Ingot solidification simulation service. A-segregation prediction

This service allows you to check if the ingot size and shape and the chemical composition of steel poured are appropriate to minimize A-segregations defects detected by ultrasonic test and increase the homogeneity of mechanical properties.



3. Mold assembly projects for big and small ingots


This service provides a complete mold assembly project for pouring ingots up to 350 tons. Also, we offer projects for hollow ingots or 2, 4 or 8 bottom poured ingots. The size and shape of the ingots will be chosen according to the steel type poured and the forging size in order to minimize A-segregations type defects. Contact us if you need more info about this service.


4. Custom software for design, engineering, scientific, database and online applications

Our software comes with simple and easy installation programs, intuitive graphical user interface, and informative help files with instruction manuals.


5. Upgrade or customize your existing software

We have expertise in re-writing, modifying and debugging software code for design, engineering, scientific, databases and online applications using following languages:

- engineering and scientific applications (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Pascal);

- databases applications (mySQL, sqlite3, Visual Fox, DBase, Access);

- online applications (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flex).


6. Online advertising on, web site design and hosting, online since 1999, is the biggest online directory and search engine that lists foundries, foundry equipment and foundry supplies. If you already own a website, we offer cost effective advertising on our online directory; if not, we can build a website that will inform people about your products and services and serve as a 24/7 advertisement for your company. To increase the visibility of your company, we list your website on for free of charge.


7. Castings Directory v.5.0 CD-ROM


Castings Directory v.5.0 is the CD-ROM version of our online search engine for foundries and related companies Very simple and easy to use, even by people with only basic computer skills, the software provides virtually instant access to over 8.200 worldwide foundries, foundry equipment and foundry supplies.

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